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Why Live Dealer Blackjack Offers a More Authentic and Engaging Experience for Casual and Professional Players

By the Editors of Blackjack Forum
© 2017 Blackjack Forum Online

Live casino popularity is on a major upwards trajectory right now in online gaming, and is expected to generate more than €1.9bn in revenue per year in Europe alone by the end of the decade. But what is a live casino, how does it work, and why is it becoming so popular among blackjack players?

A live casino is a form of online gambling, but instead of players going up against a random number generator they play on real tables, with real cards and chips, operated by highly-trained human dealers. Just as they can at a brick-and-mortar casino, players can interact with the dealers, as well as with the other players sitting around the table.

The games are streamed live from dedicated studios that have been designed and laid out like real-world casino floors; in the background, other games take place while floor managers glide between tables to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently, and monitor fairness and game integrity.


The footage is captured on cameras placed in several locations around the blackjack table, while discreet microphones pick up the voice of the dealer as well as subtle background sounds – cards being swiped across the felt, roulette balls ratting round the wheel – bringing the experience to life.

This footage is then relayed to players – either via their desktop/laptop computers or their mobile and tablet devices – who place bets through a dashboard that is laid over the live footage. It is a set-up very similar to a traditional online blackjack game, but with the streamed footage adding authenticity.

One of the leaders in the live blackjack space is 888casino.com. The operator’s live games are powered by Evolution Gaming, and it has a dedicated space in the platform provider’s Riga, Latvia, studio. There they have some 52 tables for a variety of games, making it the same size as a mid-tier Las Vegas casino.

But why is live blackjack becoming increasingly popular among gamblers, both casual and professional? It comes down to players seeking out a more authentic and immersive experience. While conventional online play certainly offers convenience and accessibility, it lacks sociability and can be a little bit numbing.

Live play captures the buzz and excitement of playing on the casino floor, and combines it with the convenience of being able to play from anywhere in the world, anytime of the day, so long as players have a computer or mobile device, and are hooked up to WiFi or 3G/4G.

What’s more, in recent months and years live casino products have improved drastically. The footage is captured in high definition, and streamed in real-time to players located all over the world. Down time is almost non-existent, ensuring players have the best possible experience.


The studios themselves have come a long way, too. 888casino, for example, has branded tables, cards and chips, and its dealers wear branded uniforms as you would expect to see in any Las Vegas or Macau casino. 888casiino.com has also just launched an Elite Lounge aimed specifically at VIP players.

There have also been new products coming to market that take the live dealer experience to the next level. Authentic Gaming now streams live from the floors of real casinos around the world; it means the tables are real, the cards and chips are real, the dealers are real and, most importantly, the other players are real.

Indeed, data from live table game operators and suppliers is starting to show that this type of product appeals a great deal to VIP and professional players as it more accurately replicates the land-based experience they enjoy when playing in competitions and tournaments, but from the comfort of their own home.

Live blackjack is all about enhancing the experience for the player. 888casino, for example, offers a range of side bets and the option to bet behind other players. Players can also play at multiple tables simultaneously, and for high rollers there is a dedicated VIP table where the stakes are much higher.

But all of this is offered in an environment that is more entertaining and engaging than playing at a computer-generated table. And in a world where augmented and virtual reality are transporting us to new environments with life-like realism, it is easy to see why live dealer is becoming so popular among blackjack players.

It offers everything that can be found playing traditional online blackjack and more. And that is why it is the real deal. ♠

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